Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2016


just had the courage to post it, dear picture above,

and he introduced himself to me, he said his name is.
and then he told me so many things i never heard,
about life, love, music, friends..
someone who has art in his bold and life.
12 years older than me.
someone who keep his father photos in his pocked.
"hy i like the way you life" i said.
i liked every single step of yours. you to your life.
life on your path. art path.

 i was really bussy. have a little bit time to  fall a sleep.
and i hear he played his music then talked.
small talk about his life.
i never play.
a music. 
i cannot sing, i cannot playing guitar even if i have one.
they are loved,
but more difficult than statistic.
Like you,
you are loved

and then go. fades away.

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