Sabtu, 28 Januari 2017


A question "the reason why you get married?" a quotes answer "because all i want is only her, because i love her, because she is my home, because she can understand me" a reality answer "because she is pretty, because she is independent, because i dont know why i marry her, because she is smart, because i dont know who i shold be marry, because she wants to, because we need to be married, because life goes on, sometime we should be marry someone and love maybe comes after needs. Maybe"

A question "the reason why you get married?" a quotes answer "because all i want is only him, because i love him, because he is my home, because
he makes me happy" a reality answer
"Because i lost my hope, because im tired being alone, because i need to have someone to safe my life, because my age, because my parrents, because he is work, because i dont know why, because this is the time,"

Didnt you love each other?
HER : love? What? I think marry just a responsibility, a weight, a legal name to doing sex. Maybe wrong if marry because sex, but remember  need someone to be a father of our child someday. So.. I marriage. I dont think so much about love and whats going on after marriage. Just married, and do the things what I should do as a wife.

HIM : love? Haha.. I just need her. I dont understand her, she dont understand me ofcourse. I just follow her wants to do. Give her what i can give. Safe her, because she is my wife not because i love her.

Are you ready?
HER : not really, I dont know why i shold be marry him. He didnt love me, i know, he cannot understand me, i know.  HIM : i dont know about my self. I dont know why i marry her.

Two people. Who didnt love each other, didnt understand each other, who didnt know why they are married will be marry soon. Pathetic.

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